Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yucatan Chilies Fiesta

In Yucatan you will find a wide variety of chilies, from sweet bell peppers to spicy habanero devils.  In the mid-range of spicy heat is the delightful X'catic chili which comes in various bright ranges of reds, oranges, lime green and pale yellow tones.  Skin should be firm with a strong aroma when mature and ready to use for many Mayan cooking traditional dishes, such as Pakal X'catic, a truly gourmet recipe made with fresh tuna, capers, basil, ripe organic tomatoes, and a dash of Mayan herbs with raw sea salt enhancement. You can taste this delicious entree at Hacienda Chichen's fine restaurant Chilam Balam, where Chef Josue Cime Tuz continues to serve the best culinary Mayan traditions of  Yucatan, Mexico

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