Saturday, September 12, 2015

2015 Fall Organic Orchard At Hacienda Chichen Offers Guests Many Tasty Delights

It is that time of the year (Sept to Nov) that Hacienda Chichen Resort's Organic Orchard is filled with delicious baby Acorn-Squashes.  Both the flowers and squashes are edible; and, Chef Antonio Pooc knows how to delight the hotel's guests with his fabulous organic recipes.

This morning I followed him to the hotel's Organic Orchard to pick up some acorn-squash flowers and a few tender squashes (above photo) he placed in a basket.  My soul was in heaven as we both approached the field cover with fresh large deep yellow flowers and tender squashes below the leaves.  Hundred of butterflies (all shapes and colors) dance around the lovely flowers and leaves.  Chef Antonio show me how to pick the flowers without harming the delicate steams of each vine.  Then, he placed his basket near a cluster of small and tender squashes that he carefully selected and collected.

My favorite recipe to enjoy acorn-squash flowers is served at breakfast time, at Hacienda Chichen Restaurant.  This soft omelet is cooked to perfection, filled with freshly picked acorn squash flowers and little bits of tender baby squash meat to add a light creamy touch to the egg blend. This Maya omelet is rich in taste and aroma.  Add a slice of Port Salut cheese and topped the omelet with a velvety Ma'ax chile sauce; this acorn squash flower delight is the way I love to start my day! (The Ma'ax sauce is optional made from the zesty local chile that grows only in the wild and at sunset yesterday I help pick while birding at the hotel's Nature Maya Jungle Reserve.  This petit chile is full of earth aroma and herbal taste, not too hot… ideal for those like me that enjoy a touch of chile flavor but not the heat).

At night he made us his delicate Baby Acorn Squash Cream Soup.  Just looking at the bowl serving made my eyes rejoice, what a master piece the plate was, flavor and texture of this soup was out of this world.  Full of flavor and aroma, light creamy texture with a velvety body; notes of Mayan herbs left my mouth and soul yearning for more!  A touch of butter and sea salt was all the seasoning added.  Wow! if you like squash as much as I do, this is a recipe that over powers many other soups.

Many people don't have the opportunity to eat fruits and veggies right after they are picked, the difference in flavor and texture is immense !  I love to eat organic food products, but the extra luxury to have them cooked minutes after they get picked is a different level of joy.  If you want to make a memorable visit to Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, don't just book a day tour trip there! You will miss the best part of this majestic ancient Maya site; learn more about the ways you can enrich your visit with fun eco-cultural activities, delicious healthy food, Maya Spa experiences, and much more… visit a well informed Green Travel Online Magazine about Yucatan. And do reserve your stay at Hacienda Chichen, at least two nights if not more, to relax, eat, meditate, and enjoy Mother Nature.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Coconut Oil and Other Nature Joys

100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil used at
 Hacienda Chichen and Yaxkin Spa
Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

Natural Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the healthiest oils to use to keep a healthy body.  It brings you many health benefits and should be used in food preparation, holistic therapeutic healing, and in your own personal beauty care.  These are some of the healtht benefits you will get:  loads of good fat, no carbs, mega antioxidants, vitamin E, medium chain fatty acids (good for your body) and high amounts of laurie acid which helps our body fight harmful bacteria and viruses.

Hacienda Chichen's Executive Chef Josue Cime promotes healthy eating and using 100% Virgin Organic Coconut Oil which adds a lovely aroma and taste to many of his Maya Fusion Cooking Recipes. It contains less calories than other oils and its taste does bring a delicious touch to salad dressings, seafood, an sweet treats. Maya people love its taste and Maya Healers recommend it for its many healing properties.

Storage: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil does not go rancid for a long time. Unlike other oils, coconut oil has a high melting point (24 - 26 C  / 76 - 78 F). When room temperature within this range, coconut oil when cold or chilled it solidifies into a lovely white paste, when luke or warm it has a crystal clear liquid form.  Keep it well sealed, best in a glass container with a broad lid so if solid you can scoop it.

Note: some people are very allergic to natural food ingredients, so if you have a history of allergies to food products, kindly check if you can hence your diet with the benefits of Virgin Organic Coconut Oil by placing a few drops in your skin and them checking you get no reaction.  We do not know of any one with coconut oil allergies but it is good to be cautious when using a new produce anyway.

Among its benefits: Effective against fungal, viral, and bacterial infections.  Recommended to prevent diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, as it helps control blood sugar and improves the secretion of insuline. Helps bone health due to its magnesium and calcium absorption properties. Skin Care, an excellent massage oil, effective moisturizer for all types of skin and hair. Great to keep nails strong healthy and beautiful.

Among other health and therapeutic gifts, virgin organic coconut oil aids those with dermatitis, skin infections, and premature aging due to its well known antioxidant properties.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our 2012 Spring Nutritional Parties for Maya Rural Children

Our Maya Nutriton Program's Volunteer Team

This March 2012 we had many Nutritional Parties and Events sponsored by the Maya Foundation In Laakeech NGO, Hacienda Chichen Resort, and the NJCU Nurses who so kindly helped serving the meal to the Maya children, sixty five in total at the Maya Community Albergue near Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.  The nurses reminded children how important washing your hands is to keep a healthy body, as well as brought educational toys and games to the children gear to teach personal care and good eating habits.  Chef Josue Cime and his sub-chef Irma cooked a balance delicious meal introducing the nutritional value of Chaya leaves (similar to spinach) and the Maya Nut or Ramon seed.  Children of all ages enjoy the succulent taste of his cooked meal and enjoy an afternoon of games, smiles, and friendship.

If you wish to participate in the Maya Foundation In Laakeech NGO sustainable community programs dedicated to the welfare of the Maya rural people living near Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, please contact us via email to: - with as little as 300 US dollars you can sponsor a full nutritious lunch for the children and share the joy of their company if you are in the area.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Zesty Mayan Organic Vegan Platter

Chef Josue Cime inspecting his Vine-Ripe Vegetable Selection freshly picked from
Hacienda Chichen Resort's in-house Organic Vegetables and Fruit Garden, in
Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.

Chef Josue Cime has the fortune of being surrounded by the Mayan jungle, which to most rural Mayan people is like a vast supermarket of healthy organic products, ripped to perfection and picked up freshly to ensure top quality flavors and texture. Hacienda Chichen Resort, where he is the Executive Chef, also has its own organic gardens lush with herbs, vegetables, and fruits.  With all these fresh ingredients only a few steps away from the kitchen, what could make a chef happier? Chef Cime respects all of this and in turn gifts them to his diners.

 Here is one of Chef Josue Cime's favorite Organic Vegan Maya Recipe for you to enjoy at home, serves two adults.  Buy organic products and when possible get the vine-ripped choices which are filled with nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants — plus such vegetables have the added quality to help you enjoy a fresh crispy texture, aroma, and flavor. This vegan recipe nutritional value depends entirely on the freshness and quality of your produce choices, so remember to buy the best organic and vine-ripened ingredients. Vegan Platter is low in fats and high in fiber and can be enjoyed as a topping over baked tortilla chips or brown wild rice; try our own organic fresh mix of vegetables as well.

Chef Josue's Winter Ripped Organic Grown Vegetables Pick:

1 Small Baby Squash
1 Large Chayote
1 Large Sweet Onion
1 Poblano Chile (optional: one green or red bell pepper)
3 Vine Ripped Red Tomatoes
1 cup of cooked Hava or Fava Beans (drained)
4 Fresh Baby Chaya Leafs (optional: 10 Spinach leafs)
1 Small Garlic Head
1 Lime
1/2 cup of Roasted Sunflower Seeds.
Fresh Basil and Mint leafs to your taste.
Cold Pressed Avocado Oil
Sea Salt just to give a light taste only

Preparing the veggies for your quick pan stir fried:

Wash and disinfect carefully all your veggies. Place in direct flame or heat the Poblano Chile to burn the outer skin some, carefully rotate the chile so all the skin gets burn lightly, then place the chile in a plastic bag and let it sweat the steam, then peal off all the burn skin (this will make the chile pulp be soft and easy to digest), cut and devein the chile making sure no seeds stay in the pulp, then chop the chile in bite size pieces and set aside.

Slice both the baby squash and chayote in the middle and create one 1/2 cm slice rub each slice with a little lemon and sprinkle with the avocado oil (set aside) and then cut the rest of both veggies in bite size cube pieces remembering to take the seed off.

Chop the garlic head with the large onion.  Chop fresh basil, mint leafs, and chaya leafs.
Cut in wedges the ripped tomatoes. 

Fast Stir Fried:

In a large deep pan, place some avocado oil and one garlic glove, when oil gets warm to hot, stir fry both slices of chayote and baby squash till tenderly cooked but firm, set aside atop your wild brown rice plate.

In same pan place a bit more avocado oil if needed, then cook the mixture of chopped garlic and onion, let them sauté (cook till lightly brown on edges).  Add the Sunflower seeds and let them blend with the garlic mixture.  Add cubed bite size chayote and baby squash and cook in mid-flame or temperature till they fill firm but cooked.  Add now a little more avocado oil and sprinkle salt to light taste. Toast veggies to mix well. Let rest in low heat.

In another small pan, place avocado oil and let it warm, then place the green leafs mixture (basil, mint, chaya). Stir fry for a few seconds to create a crispy texture. Then, place for a few seconds the ripe tomato wedges, just enough to warm them or cook them lightly.

How to serve:

Be creative, place your rice on the center of the plate, put a top the two slices of chayote and baby squash to create a base, then drop carefully the cubed cooked veggies, sprinkle the green leaf mixture atop and place the ripped tomato wedges around the rice to create a visual beautiful decor.

Hope you enjoy this light zesty vegetarian dish - feel free to visit his free Maya organic recipes

Article courtesy of HACIENDA CHICHEN RESORT, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico - reserve your stay via email:

Thursday, December 29, 2011

U Hannal Pixan - Mayan Day of the Dead

Mayan U Hannal Pixan - Day of the Dead Food Celebration
The Maya celebrate with an Altar and delicious traditional food the Day of the Dead in November.  It is a family gathering event to honor their ancestors and to remember we are all destined to leave our earth body and join in the spirit of life.  The Maya prepare special meals and delicate candies for their departed beloved family members and friends, creating "altars" to honor them by placing their photos most cherished belongings, lots of candles, favorite food and candies as well as treats to invite the spirit of joy and family inner connection among those alive and those that have died.

At Hacienda Chichen, Chef Josue Cime bakes special Day of the Dead breads and sweet pies, plus the meals of the family members that will be honored that day in the altar of the hotel's private Colonial Church, a lovely 16th Century stone church above an ancient Maya temple platform in Chichen Itza, Yucatan.   I have visited this lovely green hotel many times in recent years, loving the way the staff and owners honor Mother Nature, the Maya cultural traditions and life with simple daily acts of reverence.  U Hannal Pixan is one of those moments where tradition and family honor is vivid in this green hotel, and guests like us are lucky to experience such special time.  It brought meaning and a deeper respect for the Maya people of today to see how deeply committed each person was to make this celebration a special event rooted in love and sharing.  

What a blessing to spend time in a place like Hacienda Chichen has been for us. The first time we stay we came for one night to ease our visit to the Maya archeological zone of Chichen Itza, in a matter of minutes we came to understand this soulful hotel was more than a night rest for us, it became our own retreat and a place to connect with the rich and vast cultural traditions of Yucatan, the Maya people and with our own selves.

If you plan to travel to Yucatan and visit Chichen Itza, give yourself a treat and stay at the Hacienda Chichen for more than two nights,  make time to participate in one of the many monthly cultural events the hotel offers its guests, visit their  cultural and activities calendar before you plan your trip.

Take also time to learn about their Maya Foundation In Laakeech and the ways to help their sustainable non-profit social work.

written by:  Ronney W.

Friday, November 11, 2011

For the Love of Organic Healthy Food, Gourmet Cooking and Beauty

Executive Chef Josue Cime and his Assistant Irma collecting their daily fresh fruits at the Hacienda Chichen Resorts'  in-house organic orchard, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

You know Chef Josue Cime is really committed to bring to your table the freshest organic fruits and vegetables when you see him picking delicious ripe produces at his own Organic Orchard Fields within the Hacienda Chichen Resort grounds.

No wonder we loved eating at this green boutique hotel's restaurant !!  I met Chef Josue Cime in my first visit to Chichen Itza when we stayed two glorious days at the Hacienda Chichen; would had stayed longer if we had not planned our return trip next day.  So we have come each year to this fantastic sustainable hotel with our friends for a good four day relaxing vacation and enjoy each time more and more what we find in this amazingly green destination.

Yes, the Maya pyramids and archaeological sites are impressive, but more amazing is to know the Maya people that work at this hotel and the Maya healers or shamans that with such caring love take you into their holistic wellness center, Yaxkin Spa, and help you release stress and other toxic tensions from your mind, soul, and body.

Met Mr. Jim Conrad, the hotel's resident naturalist who knows just about everything you can ever wish about nature and wildlife, he offers free Nature Guided Tours each morning to guests of the hotel and this is an experience that will deeply connect you to Mother Nature and our planet. Then of course is Mrs. Beatriz Correa, the soul of this beautiful land and hotel, she will guide you and assist you in Maya medicine healing traditions as well as sacred Maya rituals that are celebrated by authentic Maya Priests in the premises.

Over all, the Hacienda Chichen, like Chef Josue Cime, are uniquely connected with their Maya cultural roots and traditions, speaking to your soul through their love for our planet and life itself.

Note by Jean Langs

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Create one of Chef Josue's Free Maya Cuisine and Fusion Recipes

Make your next Party Menu one that celebrates Maya Cuisine by Chef Josue Cime, Hacienda Chichen Resort's Executive Maya Chef and Organic Gourmet Master.

Most visitors know about Chichen Itza's legendary archaeological zone, but food-savvy travelers and respected food connoisseurs also know Chichen Itza to be an exceptional Fine Mayan and Gourmet Culinary Destination, thanks to Hacienda Chichen and its dedication to fine dining experiences. This boutique hacienda has won top culinary ratings from respected fine culinary professionals and a group of International Chefs, who considered its restaurants menu selection among Mexico's best gourmet culinary experiences.

Chef Josue blends the nutrition rich value of his organic food produce choices with the warm, calming taste of his Mayan Culinary traditions.  His Maya Fusion Cuisine mastery has earned him the respect and admiration of many experts, and his Wedding Gala Gourmet Menu Selection has earned Hacienda Chichen Resort top ratings as Yucatan's Most Romantic Wedding Destination. This green boutique hacienda hotel and Maya Spa Retreat is located within the amazing ancient Maya city of Chichen Itza.