Thursday, December 29, 2011

U Hannal Pixan - Mayan Day of the Dead

Mayan U Hannal Pixan - Day of the Dead Food Celebration
The Maya celebrate with an Altar and delicious traditional food the Day of the Dead in November.  It is a family gathering event to honor their ancestors and to remember we are all destined to leave our earth body and join in the spirit of life.  The Maya prepare special meals and delicate candies for their departed beloved family members and friends, creating "altars" to honor them by placing their photos most cherished belongings, lots of candles, favorite food and candies as well as treats to invite the spirit of joy and family inner connection among those alive and those that have died.

At Hacienda Chichen, Chef Josue Cime bakes special Day of the Dead breads and sweet pies, plus the meals of the family members that will be honored that day in the altar of the hotel's private Colonial Church, a lovely 16th Century stone church above an ancient Maya temple platform in Chichen Itza, Yucatan.   I have visited this lovely green hotel many times in recent years, loving the way the staff and owners honor Mother Nature, the Maya cultural traditions and life with simple daily acts of reverence.  U Hannal Pixan is one of those moments where tradition and family honor is vivid in this green hotel, and guests like us are lucky to experience such special time.  It brought meaning and a deeper respect for the Maya people of today to see how deeply committed each person was to make this celebration a special event rooted in love and sharing.  

What a blessing to spend time in a place like Hacienda Chichen has been for us. The first time we stay we came for one night to ease our visit to the Maya archeological zone of Chichen Itza, in a matter of minutes we came to understand this soulful hotel was more than a night rest for us, it became our own retreat and a place to connect with the rich and vast cultural traditions of Yucatan, the Maya people and with our own selves.

If you plan to travel to Yucatan and visit Chichen Itza, give yourself a treat and stay at the Hacienda Chichen for more than two nights,  make time to participate in one of the many monthly cultural events the hotel offers its guests, visit their  cultural and activities calendar before you plan your trip.

Take also time to learn about their Maya Foundation In Laakeech and the ways to help their sustainable non-profit social work.

written by:  Ronney W.

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