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Zesty Mayan Organic Vegan Platter

Chef Josue Cime inspecting his Vine-Ripe Vegetable Selection freshly picked from
Hacienda Chichen Resort's in-house Organic Vegetables and Fruit Garden, in
Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.

Chef Josue Cime has the fortune of being surrounded by the Mayan jungle, which to most rural Mayan people is like a vast supermarket of healthy organic products, ripped to perfection and picked up freshly to ensure top quality flavors and texture. Hacienda Chichen Resort, where he is the Executive Chef, also has its own organic gardens lush with herbs, vegetables, and fruits.  With all these fresh ingredients only a few steps away from the kitchen, what could make a chef happier? Chef Cime respects all of this and in turn gifts them to his diners.

 Here is one of Chef Josue Cime's favorite Organic Vegan Maya Recipe for you to enjoy at home, serves two adults.  Buy organic products and when possible get the vine-ripped choices which are filled with nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants — plus such vegetables have the added quality to help you enjoy a fresh crispy texture, aroma, and flavor. This vegan recipe nutritional value depends entirely on the freshness and quality of your produce choices, so remember to buy the best organic and vine-ripened ingredients. Vegan Platter is low in fats and high in fiber and can be enjoyed as a topping over baked tortilla chips or brown wild rice; try our own organic fresh mix of vegetables as well.

Chef Josue's Winter Ripped Organic Grown Vegetables Pick:

1 Small Baby Squash
1 Large Chayote
1 Large Sweet Onion
1 Poblano Chile (optional: one green or red bell pepper)
3 Vine Ripped Red Tomatoes
1 cup of cooked Hava or Fava Beans (drained)
4 Fresh Baby Chaya Leafs (optional: 10 Spinach leafs)
1 Small Garlic Head
1 Lime
1/2 cup of Roasted Sunflower Seeds.
Fresh Basil and Mint leafs to your taste.
Cold Pressed Avocado Oil
Sea Salt just to give a light taste only

Preparing the veggies for your quick pan stir fried:

Wash and disinfect carefully all your veggies. Place in direct flame or heat the Poblano Chile to burn the outer skin some, carefully rotate the chile so all the skin gets burn lightly, then place the chile in a plastic bag and let it sweat the steam, then peal off all the burn skin (this will make the chile pulp be soft and easy to digest), cut and devein the chile making sure no seeds stay in the pulp, then chop the chile in bite size pieces and set aside.

Slice both the baby squash and chayote in the middle and create one 1/2 cm slice rub each slice with a little lemon and sprinkle with the avocado oil (set aside) and then cut the rest of both veggies in bite size cube pieces remembering to take the seed off.

Chop the garlic head with the large onion.  Chop fresh basil, mint leafs, and chaya leafs.
Cut in wedges the ripped tomatoes. 

Fast Stir Fried:

In a large deep pan, place some avocado oil and one garlic glove, when oil gets warm to hot, stir fry both slices of chayote and baby squash till tenderly cooked but firm, set aside atop your wild brown rice plate.

In same pan place a bit more avocado oil if needed, then cook the mixture of chopped garlic and onion, let them sauté (cook till lightly brown on edges).  Add the Sunflower seeds and let them blend with the garlic mixture.  Add cubed bite size chayote and baby squash and cook in mid-flame or temperature till they fill firm but cooked.  Add now a little more avocado oil and sprinkle salt to light taste. Toast veggies to mix well. Let rest in low heat.

In another small pan, place avocado oil and let it warm, then place the green leafs mixture (basil, mint, chaya). Stir fry for a few seconds to create a crispy texture. Then, place for a few seconds the ripe tomato wedges, just enough to warm them or cook them lightly.

How to serve:

Be creative, place your rice on the center of the plate, put a top the two slices of chayote and baby squash to create a base, then drop carefully the cubed cooked veggies, sprinkle the green leaf mixture atop and place the ripped tomato wedges around the rice to create a visual beautiful decor.

Hope you enjoy this light zesty vegetarian dish - feel free to visit his free Maya organic recipes

Article courtesy of HACIENDA CHICHEN RESORT, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico - reserve your stay via email:

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