Saturday, August 24, 2013

Coconut Oil and Other Nature Joys

100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil used at
 Hacienda Chichen and Yaxkin Spa
Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

Natural Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the healthiest oils to use to keep a healthy body.  It brings you many health benefits and should be used in food preparation, holistic therapeutic healing, and in your own personal beauty care.  These are some of the healtht benefits you will get:  loads of good fat, no carbs, mega antioxidants, vitamin E, medium chain fatty acids (good for your body) and high amounts of laurie acid which helps our body fight harmful bacteria and viruses.

Hacienda Chichen's Executive Chef Josue Cime promotes healthy eating and using 100% Virgin Organic Coconut Oil which adds a lovely aroma and taste to many of his Maya Fusion Cooking Recipes. It contains less calories than other oils and its taste does bring a delicious touch to salad dressings, seafood, an sweet treats. Maya people love its taste and Maya Healers recommend it for its many healing properties.

Storage: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil does not go rancid for a long time. Unlike other oils, coconut oil has a high melting point (24 - 26 C  / 76 - 78 F). When room temperature within this range, coconut oil when cold or chilled it solidifies into a lovely white paste, when luke or warm it has a crystal clear liquid form.  Keep it well sealed, best in a glass container with a broad lid so if solid you can scoop it.

Note: some people are very allergic to natural food ingredients, so if you have a history of allergies to food products, kindly check if you can hence your diet with the benefits of Virgin Organic Coconut Oil by placing a few drops in your skin and them checking you get no reaction.  We do not know of any one with coconut oil allergies but it is good to be cautious when using a new produce anyway.

Among its benefits: Effective against fungal, viral, and bacterial infections.  Recommended to prevent diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, as it helps control blood sugar and improves the secretion of insuline. Helps bone health due to its magnesium and calcium absorption properties. Skin Care, an excellent massage oil, effective moisturizer for all types of skin and hair. Great to keep nails strong healthy and beautiful.

Among other health and therapeutic gifts, virgin organic coconut oil aids those with dermatitis, skin infections, and premature aging due to its well known antioxidant properties.

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