Saturday, September 12, 2015

2015 Fall Organic Orchard At Hacienda Chichen Offers Guests Many Tasty Delights

It is that time of the year (Sept to Nov) that Hacienda Chichen Resort's Organic Orchard is filled with delicious baby Acorn-Squashes.  Both the flowers and squashes are edible; and, Chef Antonio Pooc knows how to delight the hotel's guests with his fabulous organic recipes.

This morning I followed him to the hotel's Organic Orchard to pick up some acorn-squash flowers and a few tender squashes (above photo) he placed in a basket.  My soul was in heaven as we both approached the field cover with fresh large deep yellow flowers and tender squashes below the leaves.  Hundred of butterflies (all shapes and colors) dance around the lovely flowers and leaves.  Chef Antonio show me how to pick the flowers without harming the delicate steams of each vine.  Then, he placed his basket near a cluster of small and tender squashes that he carefully selected and collected.

My favorite recipe to enjoy acorn-squash flowers is served at breakfast time, at Hacienda Chichen Restaurant.  This soft omelet is cooked to perfection, filled with freshly picked acorn squash flowers and little bits of tender baby squash meat to add a light creamy touch to the egg blend. This Maya omelet is rich in taste and aroma.  Add a slice of Port Salut cheese and topped the omelet with a velvety Ma'ax chile sauce; this acorn squash flower delight is the way I love to start my day! (The Ma'ax sauce is optional made from the zesty local chile that grows only in the wild and at sunset yesterday I help pick while birding at the hotel's Nature Maya Jungle Reserve.  This petit chile is full of earth aroma and herbal taste, not too hot… ideal for those like me that enjoy a touch of chile flavor but not the heat).

At night he made us his delicate Baby Acorn Squash Cream Soup.  Just looking at the bowl serving made my eyes rejoice, what a master piece the plate was, flavor and texture of this soup was out of this world.  Full of flavor and aroma, light creamy texture with a velvety body; notes of Mayan herbs left my mouth and soul yearning for more!  A touch of butter and sea salt was all the seasoning added.  Wow! if you like squash as much as I do, this is a recipe that over powers many other soups.

Many people don't have the opportunity to eat fruits and veggies right after they are picked, the difference in flavor and texture is immense !  I love to eat organic food products, but the extra luxury to have them cooked minutes after they get picked is a different level of joy.  If you want to make a memorable visit to Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, don't just book a day tour trip there! You will miss the best part of this majestic ancient Maya site; learn more about the ways you can enrich your visit with fun eco-cultural activities, delicious healthy food, Maya Spa experiences, and much more… visit a well informed Green Travel Online Magazine about Yucatan. And do reserve your stay at Hacienda Chichen, at least two nights if not more, to relax, eat, meditate, and enjoy Mother Nature.

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