Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mayan Cuisine Classes and Workshops by Chef Josue Cime at Hacienda Chichen Resort, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

If you wish to learn authentic Mayan Cuisine and Gourmet Mayan Fusion Culinary secrets, book a Mayan cooking class with Maya Chef Josue Cime at Hacienda Chichen Resort in the magical archaeological region of Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.

Chef Josue Cime offers free Mayan Recipes for those that wish to try Mayan traditional and fusion cuisine cooking delights at home; but if you truly wish to have a unique cultural experience, book a Eco-Cultural Vacation Package with Chichen Services, a Mayan Eco-Cultural Vacation Portal that offers various vacation packages to solo, couple, and families as well as small groups.

Chef Josue Cime class goers enjoy his fine cooking recipe printouts (photo) to remember all the ingredients and tips on how to cook each recipe.  Organic produces freshly picked at the hotel's own organic fields, make each cooking class a special treat!

For further information about his exquisite cooking, visit the following online reviews:

Washington City Paper review by Tim Carman about our menu and Chef Josue

Yucatan Travel Reviews for Chichen Itza: Hotels, Restaurants, Spas

We hope you enjoy his gourmet menu selection while visiting Chichen Itza and lunching at Hacienda Chichen.


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  2. Chef Josue Cime thank you for this receipe. I look forward to bringing Lime Soup to our table.

    Please keep blogging!

  3. Delicious! What type oil do you use? And if you want to add heat, what are your suggestions?

    We added red pepper flakes; also for Americans, the oil in mls translate to 3 tbls + 1 tsp; and use 1 quart for chix stock; receipe yielded enough for 3 persons.

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  5. Thanks Thea for your comments. Indeed you can add zest to the Lima Soup with some hot pepper flakes but also try Chile Chipotle if you find some in your region, they go great with this recipe. Enjoy!